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Duct Cleaning

SUPPLY VENTS CLEANING, RETURV VENT CLEANING. We use Roto brusher machines and sanitize spray to ensure the cleaning of the ducts. 

SPECIAL: Up to seven vents- $129

Dryer Vent Cleaning

One of the most important household chores is washing clothes. What if your dryer vent suddenly malfunctions? This is a big problem that must be instantly solved if you want to finish your household chores and get on with your weekend plans! We can help!










AC Repair/Parts and Maintenance 

EZ Services does not only clean air ducts, they also provide restoration of air and heating conditioning systems. What you will have is a guaranteed superior cleanliness using only the right mechanical pieces of equipment and a superior ductwork to last until your next regular air duct cleaning is scheduled.


Coil Cleaning

Got a dirty coil? Cleaning your AC coils extends the life of your air conditioner and keeps it running at optimal level.


UlTRAViolet Lights

The right UV light can not only protect you from allergens, but can save you money. This high efficiency purifier uses a UV-C (germicidal, 253 nanometer) lamp to destroy chemical & biological contaminants including chemical odors. 



It’s a dirty job,  but we're always ready to do it. 


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